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Brick cutters are a valuable supply partner to Brickhunter and we need to continue developing our relationships with you to provide UK homeowners the choice they deserve when it comes to brick.

Back in 2004 Brickhunter was created because we believed UK homeowners were getting a rough deal when it came to brick choice leaving many unhappy with unsightly brickwork when extending their homes.

Due to the stocking and delivery challenges of a bulky and heavy product, traditional offline channels meant local brick choice was limited.

To provide the ultimate choice our objective here at Brickhunter is to have the most comprehensive and up-to-date online brick database in the UK.

To achieve this we need to continue to build great relationships with you the brick cutters.

We know you will have part loads of bricks left from jobs each week that you will want to try and get rid of.

These small quantities are ideal for the interior and garden projects the 1000’s of homeowners that visit our site everyday are looking for.

Through our technology powered by your stock and our haulage network, homeowners can browse and compare all the bricks available to find their perfect brick in the right quantity at competitive prices.

With your support and data we can not only provide the hardworking UK homeowners the choice they deserve when it comes to brick, we can help you sell your unwanted bricks.

Contact us now to see how we can work together to make this happen.

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Contact Adam now to see how we can work together to make this happen...


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Stock Data Partnership Developed with Apex Brickcutters

by Adam Stacey 18th May 2016

Apex Brickcutters are brick merchants and brickcutters providing cast stone, brick arches and other types of special shaped bricks for over 20 years.

Following discussions with director Paul Russell we now have access to all their latest stock data.

This will give us access to the latest small quantities of best quality bricks they have left from previous jobs.

We will be updating the stock levels over the next week.

Apex Brickcutters

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