Builders Merchants

Many Builders Merchants believe that Brickhunter is their competitor. They are right, we are... But we are also your PARTNER too!

Builders Merchants

Our builders merchants service...

We aim to save you time so you can focus on the things you want to do!

We connect 1,000’s of distributors across the country to provide up to date information on products, prices and quantities available within minutes.

We use ever evolving technology to create a database of information that can be accessed by you, through us to SAVE YOU TIME.

With 17 UK brick manufacturers consisting of over 40 UK brick factories and a range of over 2,500 different brick types, we know that this can be very daunting... Let us help!

To make sure your time is not wasted, we have created a team of specialists that will not only come back to quickly but will come back to you with what you need.


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Brick matching takes time and can be costly if not done with care and attention. We believe that we can not only save you time but we can take the whole brick match responsibility away from you and provide a service you know will be reliable and efficient.

  • Brickhunter will relabel samples that go direct to customers and we will also rename the samples to whatever you choose to protect you!
  • We will never price the end user if they make contact with Brickhunter.
  • Access to over 2,500 different brick types.
  • Quick & Easy process (simply require 2 or 3 images emailing over)

Locating Hard
To Find Bricks

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We both know that bricks are not as easy to find as we like to think they are. Don’t waste time trying to locate what you need when our technology means we can offer a quick service.

Low Cost

Price tag

We’ve all had that one customer who “just needs something cheap” and delivered quickly. We are constantly being offered low cost bricks that we believe will be right for you and your customer.

Special Shaped

Special shaped bricks

pecials are 9 times out of 10 required on most jobs. Some of the time, bricks are cut on site by the builder because they believe there will be long lead time involved. This is not always the case and we work with a network of cut and bond companies to ensure lead times are short and quality is excellent.

Mickey Baglow, Jewson, Barnstaple Seven Brethren

“Just a quick line to thank you and Brickhunter for getting hold of the LBC Honey Buff so quickly, from the time I’d placed the order, you had delivered them into my Branch within 5 working days, which was brilliant.”

There are around 25 million UK properties that we live in at this time. Around 15 million of these properties are owned and with an ever growing number of people who want to extend or improve their property, the demand for a good brick service is well overdue.

There are currently around 30,000 registered builders in the UK. This means that the number of homeowners hugely outnumber the amount of builders in the country. With this in mind, everyone is overstretched and overworked!

We know that your customers mean everything to you so why not provide them with a quick and simple service they deserve, meaning they will come back to YOU?

There are around 25 million UK properties that we live in at this time

Standard property

25 million

Around 15 million of these properties people who want to extend or improve their property

Extended property

15 million

The benefits of our builders merchants service...

682 distributors within our marketplace stocking over 1,400 different brick types

Over 400 discontinued bricks still available through our marketplace

Huge product database

Special offer / discontinued bricks available

Special shaped products delivered quickly

Paul would love to hear from you!


Contact Paul now to see how we can work together to make this happen...

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