Lightweight Brick Products

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Core Chimney

What are lightweight brick products?

Brickhunter's range of lightweight building products are a great way to achieve the finish to your home you have always wanted without issues such as weight, cost or waterproofing.

Our products are not only cost effective but they are also easy to install which means you don't need to hire skilled labour.

So whether you are looking for fast application on an existing building or wanting to use our lightweight products on your new build we can help.

Core Chimney

What do we provide?

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel option is ideal for bespoke applications where a greater degree of design flexibility might be required.

It also offers the option to utilise a working flue.

Stainless Steel

Core Chimney

A core chimney can also be rendered to suit rendered properties. Our chimneys are created using the latest technology to provide a product that's both stunning in accuracy and appearance for brick replication.

Core Chimney

Flat Roof

A flat roof or flat to pitch roof type as standard and we provide the designer with several standard coping and pot options and various standard corbel details.

Flat Roof

Our range includes...

Window Sills

Ashlars and Quoins

Corbels and Gable Vents

Door and Window Heads

String Courses

Brickhunter offers a range of rendered and brick effect chimneys to provide an extremely lightweight, affordable and simple way to add a chimney to a new or existing home.

Brickhunter brick-slip chimneys offer time-saving and cost-effective means of providing a pre-fabricated chimney that utilises the exact brick finish.

Glass Reinforced Plastic has become a fundamental material within the construction industry and the benefits of using this for chimneys is huge due to its extremely lightweight and durable properties. This can ease handling issues and have positive Health and Safety benefits.

Not only are the chimneys lightweight, they are easy-fit and utilise bricks cut from the actual bricks of the original building. This means the chimney face is a precise match to the main structure.

Core chimney lightweight brick product

Make your home new and exciting!

Brickhunter has an easy solution to the tricky problems associated with stone detailing...

Our retro-fit product is a slip system which is fixed to buildings and therefore removed from the path of construction. The material is a lightweight but extremely hard-wearing unique product that is produced in slip-form and has the exact stone look and feel.

The advantages of the product include a lightweight nature to overcome all current manual handling restrictions on site.

Lightweight brick product stone slip

There is also an incredibly low wastage factor and requirement for remedial work or repairs.

A patented 'blind' fixing system is used that is innovatively simple.

All stone textures and colours can be replicated and samples of the actual stone are taken from site or pre-ordered to ensure an exact match.

We have several standard sizes offering a degree of flexibility in terms of corbel details, size and roof pitches.

Further lightweight stone detailing options are available and can be quoted for upon request.

Builder fitting lightweight brick product using blind fixing system

Brickhunter has now introduced an extremely lightweight masonry product!

It's a combination of some of the materials that we have developed and includes masonry fascia moulded around a polyurethane core and masonry fascia on a lightweight backing panel, which authentically replicates the look of Architectural Masonry.

These products have been created to beat the common problems associated with using natural and reconstructed stone in terms of availability, weight, damage and remedial work.

Lightweight masonry products

The benefits of our lightweight brick products...






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