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We believe UK homeowners deserve to buy bricks happily and to achieve this we believe you should be able to buy your bricks online...

Online shopping

The Brickhunter online shopping service...

How does our online shopping service work?

At the heart of Brickhunter is the technical team led by Adam our Technical Director and Matt our Technical Lead.

They continuously bring the latest technologies to one of the oldest and most reliable building materials on the planet.

They are continuously evolving our unique industry platform which compares data and service rules from the many UK manufacturers, importers, reclaimed companies and the 1000’s of stockists, transport companies and service providers so we can provide ‘Homeowners’ with a one-stop, online and over the phone service which makes choosing and buying the 1000’s of different colours, textures and sizes of bricks easy for Interiors and Gardens, Home Extensions and Self Builds / New Homes projects.

Why did we launch our online shopping service?

We launched our online shopping service in July 2016 after an online survey revealed more than 60% of our visitors would prefer to choose and buy their bricks online.

Who is our online shopping service for?

We believe our current e-commerce service best suits ‘Homeowners’, ‘Brickies’ and ‘Domestic Builders’ who need up to 3 pallets of the right bricks quickly for ‘Interior and Garden’ and small ‘Home Extension’ type projects.

Of course ‘Everyone’ can use it, for any type of project, we want our visitors to know we continuously monitor our online brick range, pricing and service for requirements up to 3 pallets to ensure we offer a better solution than our DIY store competitors such as B&Q or Wickes.

We politely ask people who require more than 3 pallets to either with our ‘Homeowner Service Team’ and speak to Craig, Michael or Matthew or so we can ensure you receive the most competitive price as quantity discounts are available, just not online yet.

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How does our brick pricing work?

We compare live prices from UK Brick Makers, Importers, Stockists and Transport companies to give you competitive, next day delivery, online brick prices for up to 3 pallets (3 × 1000kg).

This is the maximum you will pay, most of the time we actually charge you less and improve the delivery method to a small lorry with mechanical crane offload.

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Why do we only price up to 3 pallets (3 × 1,000kg) online?

Competitive Pricing

It’s very important to us that our online prices are competitive for our ‘Interiors and Gardens‘ projects category. Although we’re close to having an online pricing solution for our ‘Home Extensions’ and ‘Self Builds / New Builds’ categories we’re not quite there at this time and we can’t guarantee this when pricing over 3 pallets.

Requirements for 3 pallets of bricks or more will likely qualify for an extra discount. This is because of 2 things:

  1. Some brick makers, importers and builders merchants offer quantity based discounts.
  2. The transport element of your quote will be divided other more bricks giving you better value for money.

Although we are close to putting this solution we’re not there just yet so for now, we simply ask you to call our ‘Home Owner Service Team’ so they can do this on your behalf and get right back to you.

Project Types

3 pallets of bricks is typically more than enough to satisfy most of the projects undertaken by UK homeowners in the ‘Interiors and Gardens‘ category.

Stock Availability

Most of our supply partners will always have 3 pallets of the bricks you need ready for despatch when you need them.

Delivery Method

Choosing to buy at the ‘UP TO 3 PALLETS BUY IT NOW PRICE’ means we’ll do our best to deliver you up to 3 × 1,000 kg pallets of your chosen bricks within 3-4 working days.

They will be delivered via a pallet network to the kerbside of your home via a Rear tail-lift pallet truck.


Coming soon in 2017: Online shopping for medium to large ‘Home Extensions’ and ‘Self/New Builds’...

Do you need any help with your online shopping?