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We have the best non standard and off shade bricks available. Save £££ compared to first quality and all available for delivery.


Reduced price bricks...

Cheap bricks from the pros!

You can make great savings on batches of cheap bricks, which often become available from UK brick makers. Brickhunter works with the UK brick makers to ensure we always have the best cheap bricks available for you.

Why are these bricks so cheap?

There are many reasons why bricks get reduced in price. The reason for reduction will fall in to one of the categories below.

Special Offer Bricks

Special Offer Bricks

Manufacturers want to move some stock quickly.

Discontinued Bricks

Discontinued Bricks

End of line. Brick makers will not make this brick again.

Old Bricks

Old Bricks

Packaging and bottom rows of bricks could be dirty.

Trial Bricks

Trial Bricks

Brick makers test new textures and colours.

Off-shade Bricks

Off-shade Bricks

Brick colour is not as the brick makers expected.

Non Best / Non Standard Bricks

Non Best / Non Standard Bricks

Brick shape, size and / or texture is not as expected.

Rejected Bricks

Rejected Bricks

Mixed colours, textures, sizes and / or imperfections.

Brickhunter's Top Tips For Saving Money


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Order samples

Order samples! Try before you buy. Ensure you’re happy with the brick.

Be in a position to buy

Be in a position to buy. Bargains sell quickly, when they're gone... they're gone!

Make space on site

Make space on site. Be able to take your whole order quickly.

Get your quantities righr

Avoid being left without enough bricks to complete your project.

Don’t worry, we know not everyone has a big budget...
That’s why we offer you a huge selection of discounted bricks!

Although we will always try and provide a sample when requested, but due to limited availability of reduced price bricks we are not always able to provide one.

Cheap bricks are sold as seen, some will have guarantees (please check the brick page for guarantees on a specific brick). Brickhunter's team of experienced brick specialists only select good quality batches of bricks. If you have any concerns please contact us or read the feedback left by our customers.

Yes you can. However, you must book by prior arrangement. Contact us to arrange with a team member.

Please Note If budget is not an issue, Brickhunter always recommends that you use premium facing bricks on your building project.

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We help people across the UK who are looking for reduced price and discounted brick. Brickhunter works with the UK brick makers to ensure we always have the best cheap bricks available for you.

Don’t be restricted by a budget, we can help you source quality bricks at a price to suit you.

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